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[창원사격선구권대회 화보] 창원의 명소(Changwon Tourist Hot Spots)

취·향·저·격 삼색 도시(The three flavors of the city hit the spot)

최환석 기자 2018년 09월 07일 금요일

'취향 저격'은 자신의 취향에 꼭 맞다는 뜻으로, 한국에서 쓰는 신조어다. 창원시는 창원·마산·진해 세 지역이 합쳐진 도시여서 각기 다른 세 가지 매력을 지닌 곳이다. 풍부한 먹을거리와 볼거리를 동시에 즐기고 싶은 당신에게 창원은 만점짜리 '취향 저격' 도시다.

The newly-coined term in Korea 'hitting the spot,' meaning something perfectly suites one's taste, is all the rage. Changwon City is an consolidated city of Changwon, Masan, and Jinhae, offering three different attractions in one big city. Changwon 'hits the spot' to any visitor who wish to enjoy good food and amazing attractions at the same time.

②마산어시장(Masan Fish Market)

◇마산 어시장(Masan Fish Market) = 경상남도 최대 어시장

Masan Fish Market is the most popular traditional market in Changwon always buzzing with excitement. The market offers a wide range of fresh seafood at low prices. Rows of sashimi restaurants along the coastal road is the symbolic scenery of the fish market.

◇음식특화거리(Food streets) = 처음부터 끝까지 해산물 잔치

Visit the 'steamed monkfish' street if you want something spicy, or the 'grilled freshwater eel' street for strength, or the street with rows of blowfish restaurants if you want to try out the subtle flavor of blowfish. There is also a bar street where bars offer table full of various seafood bar snacks.

①창원의 집(House of Changwon)

◇창원의 집(House of Changwon) = 한옥에서 경험하는 한국 전통 문화

This is a traditional Korean house built in the Joseon Dynasty. It is an education center where visitors can learn about the traditional culture of Korea.

④메타세쿼이아 카페거리(Metasequoia Cafe Street)

◇메타세쿼이아 카페거리(Metasequoia Cafe Street) = 창원에서 가장 유명한 카페 거리

The street is lined with metasequoia streets on both sides, making it a perfect place to go for a walk.

⑤창동예술촌(Changdong Art Village)

◇창동예술촌(Changdong Art Village) = 역사와 예술이 함께 어우러진 구도심

The Changdong Art Village, a place where everything appears to artistic masterpieces, consists of workshops for artists as well as exhibition halls and a storytelling alley.

③문신미술관(Moonshin Gallery)

◇문신미술관(Moonshin Gallery) = 멋진 풍경과 함께하는 조각가 문신의 작품들

Situated on a hill in Chusan-dong that overlooks the beautiful city of Changwon, the Moonshin Gallery presents the artworks by the world-famous sculptor Moon Shin.

◇돝섬 해상유원지(Dotseom Sea Amusement Park) = 마산 앞바다 작은 섬에서 만나는 최고의 힐링

Dotseom Island presenting a picturesque scene in the Masan Bay has been entirely turned into an amusement park, with various rides and trails, making it a perfect vacation spot for families with children.

◇진해 근대골목투어(Jinhae Naval Port Alley Tours) = 일제강점기 진해 군항 모습을 간직한 골목들

You can see firsthand the unique characteristics and appeal of Jinhae on the Jinhae Naval Port History Road.


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